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from Matt V. reading to

his 4-year-old son

Alex was completely entranced from start to finish. Kudos on your beautifully-flowing poetry.
Just read the book for the second time. He's still loving it and completely mesmerized by it. He tells me his favorite part is the very small bird who talks so very loud.

from Jyoti P.

My 8 year old loved the book. One thing he learned is to find a solution.

from C. Thomson


This was a great story with an underlying message about problem solving. I love that Ari is non-binary! Honestly, gender is irrelevant in most children's books so why not eliminate it? It means that most kids can find something about Ari and their frustration with the "very loud bird" to relate to. It has great cadence for reading aloud. I can't wait to share this with my niece and nephews. 

from Melody P.

It's very sweet and perfect for young children. It demonstrates to children what we can do to shift from wanting to control a situation and imposing what we think is best (for us) into solving things for our ourselves while letting others be themselves. 

from Rhonda B.

I cannot wait to pass this on to my niece for her baby boy coming in May. I am absolutely amazed by it.
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