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Who is this book for?

Ari and the Very Loud Bird! is written for children 4 to 8 years old. Young kids are developing their own problem solving skills. Like Ari, they ask for help, come up with ideas, take initiative, and sometimes make crafty things. Kids who like stories with energetic and creative characters that make funny mistakes will laugh along. Children who love a good bedtime story will enjoy listening to you read this one.

Parents, who like reading bedtime stories out loud, will enjoy reading this book! Parenting days are long and bumpy, so if you're looking for a bedtime story that gives you a chuckle when you're tucking your littles in at night, this is it.

It's likely this book won't appeal to parents or educators who are upset by or opposed to stories with characters that have a non-binary gender identity.

This book is for early elementary classroom teachers too. Teachers can download the free Teacher’s Guide with activities for students---available in March 2024.


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