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Which songbird woke Ari up?

In this story, a very loud chestnut-sided warbler wakes Ari up at sunrise. This warbler has a bright yellow cap, but it's named for the reddish-brown chestnut colouring on its sides.

Male chestnut-sided warblers sing two different songs. One is accented at the end. That's the "Pleased-to-meet-cha!" song. When male warblers are singing the "Pleased-to-meet-cha!" song they are trying to attract a female. After they attract a female warbler and start nesting, males switch over to another song to defend their nest and territory.

Listen to the accented song. Can you hear this chestnut-sided warbler singing, "Pleased-pleased-pleased-to-meet-cha"?

This video was shared by @reygenbird on TikTok.


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